Wet or dry dog food?

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Should you feed your dog wet or dry dog food? We all want to give our four-legged friends the very best, so let´s take a look at the pluses and minuses of each.

Wet pet food can be found in cans, trays, pouches, sachet and even tetra packs. It is made using a combination of ingredients, the quality of which vary widely (often depending on price). These ingredients are then mixed with a gel to form a mousse and cooked in what is essentially a big pressure cooker and the end product has a high water content. At Bob & Lush we make our 70% Lamb Wet food with 70% fresh lamb meat, which makes it a healthy and tasty food for your dog.

In comparison, dry pet foods generally use more dry ingredients, with some fresh additions.  Dry foods are manufactured by extrusion or baking. An extruder is basically a chamber where the food is placed under high temperature and pressure. Extruded pet food processing temperatures reach 1000C but for very short periods, approx 30-120 seconds, before being dried and cooled. Dry pet foods are generally nutritionally complete diets.

Many brands of dry pet food are cereal based and contain little meat, and often no fresh meat at all. For example, a dry food made “with chicken” needs to contain only 4% chicken under current EU regulation (see 4% problem).  However, this is is not always the case. At Bob & Lush we make our 55% Duck with, you guessed it, 55% duck. It also contains no grains as dogs are generally allergic to grains

Types of wet pet foods

Wet pet foods can be broken down into two main categories; standard/economy and super or ultra premium.

Healthy dog food

Standard/economy wet pet foods are manufactured from meat slurries which are formed into chunks or pate. Sugars, gels, amino acids, colours and emulsifying agents are then added to stabilise the food. The product is often 80% water. Some cereals like wheat, soya and meat meals are also added. Economy wet pet foods also have a basic vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure the product is a complete feed.

Super/Ultra-premium wet foods are manufactured using whole meats and vegetables. They have no added sugar, gels, amino acids, colours or stabilising agents, nor do they contain wheat, soya or meat meals. They are approximately 70% water with a high vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure a nutritious balanced feed. The Bob & Lush 70% Lamb Wet is a superb example of this.

It’s not just a question of wet or dry dog food

As we have seen, both wet and dry food can be excellent quality, or sadly poor. The first and most important decision is to feed your dog a healthy diet based on real meat and vegetables and to avoid cereals and other cheap fillers. The choice of whether you should select wet or dry dog food for your best friend is therefore not really based on the health of your dog or nutritional advice. You can get excellent healthy food in both forms. Rather, you should choose wet or dry dog food based on what your dog prefers.

So, bottom line, what do I give Lush? A mix of wet and dry. She loves both and she particularly enjoys them lovingly mashed together in a big bowl.

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